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Calendar for 2021

Join our FAVOURITE classes now and learn HOW TO cook healthy, bake bread, wedding cupcakes, birthday cakes, cook vegetarian, malay cuisine, discover new asian food recipes, acquire fondant decorating and sugarcraft skills.

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In the new norm, class duration has been shorten to 2 hours and we are limiting no. of pax to a maximum of 6 per class. Your health & safety is our priority. All our chef instructors and staff have been fully vaccinated. View our Covid-19 health & safety practices for our customers, chef instructors and staff.

You will notice a "pax to go" bubble for every class. This indicates the no. of pax required for the class to start. Choose your desired class, book online (no payment required). We will advise you on payment once the class is confirmed.

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We are expecting revenue from our classes to be super slow as everyone is still weary of being in a small group, even if it is to enjoy what they love doing...cooking delicious food. Our #Help Save Us campaign is still on. Do help us. Buy our pies, gelato and dumplings until revenue from our classes can allow us to stand on our own two feet again. Plenty of love from us for your support. Big Hugs!

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